Our mission is to be fairer to consumers, fairer to growers and fairer to the environment. We want to help New Zealanders reduce food waste and eat seasonally all year round at an affordable price.

food waste can be an even bigger contributor to climate change than plastic waste.

Between 6%-8% of global greenhouse gases are as a result of food going to waste. In fact, in New Zealand, we throw away 122,547 tonnes of food every year. This is enough to feed half of Wellington for a year!

All is not lost!

Reducing food waste is considered to be the most achievable actions we can take right now, to slow the effects of climate change. 


Fruit and veggies are wasted at all stages of the supply chain; from harvest to packaging, to wholesalers, the supermarkets and within households. Here at Wonky, we focus on reducing food waste at the source, as it’s estimated that up to 40% of produce never leaves the farm gate.


Main retailers and overseas buyers tend to be a bit picky when it comes to the ‘fruit n’ veg dress code’. Strict appearance criteria including the shape, size and colour is only the beginning.

For example: Wonky eggplants tend to be tricky to mass-pack into boxes, a Wonky cucumber can’t fit through the machine and sometimes veggies just grow too big to be sold to bigger retail markets. To make it worse, plenty is left sitting in no man's land simply due to there being ‘too much' produce in that particular week. Not cool!