Thinking outside the box

Whilst we're still relatively new business, as Wonky grows we want to ensure we have a positive impact in all our ventures. Here are our values that we ahear to whilst we go about our Wonky way.

Plastic & Packaging

We collect, pack, and deliver fresh produce within a short timeframe and because we mostly collect directly from growers, we are able to use as little packaging as possible. We send lot's of produce loose in within box and when we do use packaging, it is carefully considered with food waste reduction at the top of our mind.

Read more about our plastic & plastic pledges:

Food miles

Wonky Box is regionalised, meaning we have rescue depots in both Wellington and Auckland. In most cases, we collect produce from each of these regions in a pledge to reduce food miles. However in reality, you’re unlikely to find oranges growing in Wellington, 97% of kumara is grown in Northland and most stone fruit come from Otago, meaning that we do collect produce country-wide so we can provide a good variety in the box and support growers nationally.

A large portion of New Zealand’s food waste is as a result of poor packaging in the perishable transit network. Therefore we work hard with growers to ensure anything coming from further afield is packed to endure a longer journey. 

We have a ZERO air freight policy meaning we do not collect produce from outside New Zealand and any produce that comes from the South Island is transported on the road. Due to good soiling and growing conditions, New Zealanders mainly consume produce grown within the country anyway.


Wonky collects produce from growers who’s values align. We work together to reduce food waste, use as little packaging as possible and create a more sustainable food chain. We aim to provide another avenue for growers to sell their produce to that is reliable, flexible and easy. 

Since starting Wonky in 2021, we’ve began working with over 50 growers across New Zealand. In this time we’ve learnt a lot about the hardship that comes with producing fruit & veg for domestic and export markets. From the very beginning, we’ve pledged to pay growers a fair price for their fruit & veg and give them a reliable alternative market for their produce that they’ve worked hard to grow. After all, going to waste or not, it still costs the grower the same amount to pluck from the ground and they hold all the risk.

From asparagus with broken tips, to hail damaged apples, we will collect it! If you are or know of a grower who might be interested in working with us, reach out here.

But don’t just take it from us, here is a sentence or two from our growers, fresh from the farm.

No morsel is wasted!

At the end of each week, after packing up all boxes, we donate any extra produce to Wellington City Mission and KiwiHarvest in Auckland, who redistribute food and other essentials to people in need.