How it works

Wonky is a fresh fruit & vegetable subscription box delivering produce that's at risk of going to waste. We collect odd-looking and surplus produce from local growers and deliver it straight to households across New Zealand's North Island.

First things first, check to see if we deliver to you here. We are a fast growing business, so if we don't deliver to your postcode yet, we'll be reaching you soon enough. Join our waiting list and we'll email you the moment we do deliver to you.

  • Choose Your Subscription

    Pick from either a Fruit & Veg Box or a Veg Only Box and choose a frequency for deliveries - every week, two weeks, three weeks and four.

    Can't decide? You can swap boxes via our online portal or alternate between the two.

    As long as it's before your cut off time (4 days before delivery), you can skip week's or cancel at anytime.

  • We Speak to Growers

    We'll ring the local growers we're working with. They'll let us know what produce they have a surplus of, what might be a little Wonky or what doesn't meet main market standards.

    We bring the fruit & veg back to our Wellington & Auckland depots, pack it up and get it onto the road for delivery the next day.

  • Deliver to your doorstep

    We'll deliver your box throughout the day on Thursday or Friday. No need to be at home, our courier drivers will leave the box in safe or sheltered spot which you can specify at checkout.

    Want to skip next week? Manage your subscription from our customer portal with ease.

Dinner Inspiration

We'll let you know what's arriving in your box before it gets to your doorstep, so you can plan your meals around the box contents. If your a little stumped with what to cook, we post recipes each week on our website using latest box ingredients.