Keep Your Green's Fresh For Longer

No salad spinner? No problem. Freshen up your green's with these simple steps.

Say No To Limp Lettuce!

First things first, the moment you get your lettuce home (or anything of a similar green variety), it's important to rehydrate it and get all the dirt off with a good wash. It keeps the leaves fresh and crisp for significantly longer, whilst being stored in the fridge. If not kept properly, your greens can go all floppy and limp within a matter of hours. Floppy greens are as a result of too much moisture or high humidity levels, so the aim here, is to reduce exposure to these.


  1. Wash your lettuce - give it a swill around in the water, but be gentle, leaves are delicate!
  2. Pour the water down the drain (or give your plants a good watering). 
  3. Transfer the lettuce onto a dry tea towel and step outside to spin it around as fast as your can manage.
  4. Line the bottom of a tupperware with a fresh tea towel, put your clean lettuce in it and leave in the airtight container. 
  5. Leave in the fridge where the tea towel will soak up any moisture keeping your lettuce crisp and fresh for longer.