Frequently Asked Questions

How do I amend my subscription?

Login to your account via our website. Click on ‘Manage Subscription’ in the bottom right hand corner. You should see your Wonky Box subscription on the following page - click on 'EDIT'. Here you can skip your next box, cancel subscription (at the bottom of the page) or amend your delivery schedule. 

You can cancel or skip a week (or multiple weeks) of your subscription at any time however ensure you do so before Tuesday as this is our cut off day for orders. Your subscription renews every Tuesday morning. This is when payment is made and your order is created so ensure you cancel before Tuesday if you do not wish to receive a box the same week.

When will I be billed?

After you have subscribed and received your first box, you will then be billed every Tuesday morning. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time however ensure you do so before Tuesday as this is our cut off day. If you cancel after Tuesday, you will still be charged and you will receive a box!

Do you deliver to my postcode?

We deliver to a growing number of postcodes in Wellington, The Hutt Valley and Porirua City. On 'The Box' page you can check to see if we deliver to you by entering your postcode before you add your box to the cart. If we don't, please sign up to our waitlist so we can email you as soon as we open up your area. To do this, enter your postcode into our area checker and then follow the email prompts.

Recycling & Packaging

The box that your fruit and veg comes in is totally recyclable. Even the paper tape. Feel free to leave your box out for us to collect when we drop you a new one. We often reuse them or find them a new home.

We try to use as little plastic as possible in the box - we put a lot of emphasis on this when speaking with our growers. However sometimes, to keep your produce fresh, we have no choice but to use plastic for things like lettuce etc. 

What do you do with your surplus fruit and vegetables?

Wonky is a ZERO food waste business! At the end of every week, when we have packed up the boxes we donate any leftover fruit and veggies to food banks around Wellington. Most of our surplus is given to Wellington City Mission which is then up for grabs in the social supermarket.

How can I change my address?

To change your address login to your account via our website. Click on ‘View Addresses’ and you can edit your address on this page.

Some of my veg isn’t misshapen!

We rescue fruit and vegetables that are at risk of going to waste. This could be because they are Wonky but also because there is are too many, the produce is too big or too small or there are marks on skin. They still taste delicious but the main markets don’t want to stock them.

An example!

In 2020 Nelson regions experienced some really shoddy weather during a key month for kiwi fruit growing. A big hail storm wiped out millions of dollars of kiwifruit and apples leaving tiny holes on the produce that were still on the trees. The fruit was still perfectly edible but the main markets didn’t want to stock them on the shelves. 

I want to ask something else!

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