Fresh produce delivered for the weekend.

We deliver Wonky boxes every week on Thursdays and Fridays, so you can cook up a storm when you have time to get creative on the weekend.

We deliver to postcodes within Wellington & The Kapiti Coast and we have just launched in Auckland. These are exciting times for the wonkers. You can check to see if we deliver to you here:

How it works


    We have 4 subscription frequencies - weekly, fortnightly as well triweekly and quarterly.

    You can skip weeks when your fridge is full or cancel anytime.


    Leave it to us. Each week, we talking to our growers and rescue the 'too big', 'too much' or 'too wonky' fruit & veg.

  • before delivering to your door

    Your box of goodies will be waiting on your doorstep by the end of the week. No need to be home for your delivery, just let us know a safe and sheltered spot to leave your package.

Packaging & recycling

The box your produce comes in is made from recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable. We zip it up with paper tape and stick your label on it, both of which are made with water based adhesives...fancy.

If you leave your box out, we will collect it when dropping off a fresh one. The box will be brought back to Wonky HQ where we will try to find it a new home. If it doesn't get reused we will recycle it at our packhouse.

We use as little plastic as possible in the boxes. Often chopped items, due to food safety standards, have to be wrapped or leaves are bagged in plastic or they will decompose thus creating more food waste.

Our plastic pledges:

+ We will avoid plastic wherever possible. We ask all our growers if they could sell their produce to us without the use of plastic.

+ Where we can, we spend time packing very small things e.g. sprouts and shrooms into brown paper bags.

+ We prioritise all produce that is at risk of going to waste - sometimes it may already be cut from the ground and wrapped in plastic (e.g. those items destined for other markets), in this case we figure it best to give it a home instead of both food and plastic ending up in landfill.

More questions

Flick us a message here with any details to do with your delivery.

You can even send us your what3words address. Find out more about what3words here.

If you have a preference as to whether you would like your doorbell rung or not, please add this into your delivery notes upon checkout.

If you can't find your box, please reach out to us at

We'll be in touch with you to help locate it or process a full refund. If this happens we will act immediately and you will not be left out of pocket.

We will send you an email when the box has arrived. If you have opted into our SMS service, we will also send you a text.

We ask you to leave as detailed delivery instructions as possible. If you haven't entered these upon check out, please flick them through to us at so we can add them to your order.

You can even send us your what3words address. Find out more about what3words by downloading their free app here. Check it out - it's amazing.

You can let us know a safe and sheltered spot to leave your box upon check out. If you've already ordered and don't think you added a note, please flick us an email at