Build-Your-Own Fruit Ice Cream

We're calling this build-your-own ice cream because you can experiment with any fruit you have lying around. Choose a household favourite flavour or create your own weird and wonderful inventions, this is your time to get creative.

As it's feijoas season, we've made our ice cream with these juicy beauties and it's truly delicious. But what happened if you've already eaten all those feijoas?! We're one step ahead of you. Here are some other 10/10 flavour combinations: 

Apple & Cinnamon

Pear and Vanilla

Orange & Honey


Feijoa & Ginger

Rhubarb & Ginger

Strawberries & Basil




Lime & Basil

Plum & Rhubarb


350g stewed fruit

60g sugar

1 tin condensed milk 395g

500 ml cream


To stew any fruit simply peel & remove any cores or seeds with may be in the fruit. Chop the fruit up into chunks & sprinkle over the sugar. Cook on a low heat for approximately 10 minutes stirring often. Allow the stewed fruit to cool completely.

In a small bowl combine the condensed milk & stewed fruit & extra flavorings you may choose like vanilla, mint, basil, cinnamon, ginger.

In a separate bowl whip, the cream till stiff peaks form. Fold the condensed milk & stewed fruit mixture into whipped cream & gently fold through.

Pour the mixture into an airtight container or loaf tin & cover.

Place into the freezer for 6-10 hours to set.