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    Plastic & Packaging

    We've jotted our plastic pledges and how Wonky uses packaging to deliver produce to your door whilst it's still fresh. We collect directly from local growers so your veg is transported from dirt to dinner plate in the shortest possible time.
  • COP27 logo on Wonky Box's Let's Talk blog

    COP27: Food In Focus

    That's a wrap! Was COP27 a success or failure?
  • Christmas Delivery Schedule

    Christmas Delivery Schedule

    Wonky Christmas Delivery Days 2022
  • Tractor in field

    Why is food wasted at the farm

    From travelling from farm to farm and listening to grower gripes, we’ve written down some of the reasons why produce isn’t getting to hungry tummies.
  • Let's Talk About Plastic

    Let's Talk About Plastic

    When we began setting up Wonky, we were and still are very anti-plastic! Going into supermarkets and seeing bananas and apples in single-use plastic bags baffled us. Plastic-wrapped produce like this forces people to buy more than they need and...

  • VEG AID:   Baby Brussel Sprouts

    VEG AID: Baby Brussel Sprouts

    Introducing... Gropak Alan and Andrea Buchanan are the owners of Gropak and the backbone of the 25 year old business operating outside of Palmerston North. Using the slogan 'Dirt to Dish', Gropak are mostly known for distributing DELICIOUS potatoes across...